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A unique solution for all-in-one management of tourist activities

The ultimate software tool for travel agencies and the organization of events such as weddings or team buildings, designed to integrate business processes and increase productivity.

business process automation

One platform – all the features that your business needs.

Through many years of work, experience and cooperation with top experts in tourism and agency business from our leading travel agencies, we have created a unique information system for the needs of the tourism industry.

Full automation of the following processes:

  • sales price calculation
  • creating of reservations
  • capacity booking
  • creation of user documents (offers, contracts, pro forma invoices, advances, invoices)
  • preparation of data for financial accounting service
  • reports and statistics
  • creation of operational documentation (vouchers, passenger lists, rooming lists, passenger transport orders…)

Modules of travel agencies included in the information system:


Automated formation of price with respect to selection of accommodation units such as hotels, private accommodation, ship cabins etc.

Tours and packages

The complete software system for easy management of the process, from real-time monitoring of availability to the formation of prices and implementation.


Easy management for a full range of services related to day trips and prices per person.

Tailor made projects

Organization and implementation of offers fully tailored to the wishes of the client, worked out to the smallest details and available at every moment.


Automatic synchronization and easy ability to manage available transport options, enter routes and form prices.

sintesys custom solution

Increased efficiency and simplified business ideal for:

Tour operators

Personalized software solution for the needs of successful business in tourism.


Top notch and reliable support at all times.


Easy management of complex processes.


A secure and automated tool for efficient online business monitoring.

Manners of booking and selling

Direct manual data entry

Direct entry of booking of any tourism product or service by your staff.

Mobile sales

Record of trip bookings via mobile application, intended for you and external sales locations.

* Additional info:

  • Overview of the current state of available capacities from a mobile device
  • Automatic booking entry and capacity update in the central database
  • Invoice fiscalization
  • Print invoices and travel documents to a mobile printer
  • Cashier report and cashier balancing

Web sales (B2B, B2C)

All products and services on our web system allow customers or partners to independently create a reservation from your offer.

Integration with other sales channels (API)

System integration with:

  • Viator sales channel
  • your web page
  • other sales channels

features of sintesys solutions

Application features


Multilingual interface at the data level in the system – the formation of output documentation in various languages.

Print in different formats

Reviews and operational reports can be printed in several formats as desired – pdf, word, excel, etc. with support for direct mailing.

Monitoring user performance

Availability of constant monitoring and recording of data in the system, the possibility of review of historic data.

Tax calculation and fiscalization of invoicing

Formation of all financial documents in accordance with legal norms. The system of calculation and presentation of taxes on invoices is supported, as well as fiscalization.

Per employee permission system

Provision of rights and permissions of all employees who have access to the system at two levels:

  1. defining the module (process) for which the employee has a permission – the user can be granted a permit only for a specific module.
  2. defining the department whose data the user has the right to access – the user can see the data only of the department for which he has permission.

Technical and safety features

ISO/IEC 27001

Our business is based on achieving a high level of information security of products and services and protection of personal data exposed for processing. We strive to meet the expectations and needs of users of our products and services through the timely realization and provision of data and the continuous development of IT systems.

Secure business environment

Guaranteed data security – business conducted according to certain standards in order to provide maximum security and availability of data.

24/7 System availability

The system is supported in a reliable and secure cloud environment and is available at any time.

System maintenance and customer support

The system is regularly maintained, and customer support is available to solve problems and provide advice.

Continuous system improvement

A reliable IT solution that is constantly evolving and adapting and following current trends in the world of tourism and IT technologies.

Data backup

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual data backups are available to prevent data loss and protect your business.

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What does all of this mean for our customers?

When you choose to become a user of our software, you have no need for any kind of initial costs. Each of your employees will receive a username and password, used to connect to our system via the Internet, which then leads him to the part that is reserved and prepared for your company.

You pay us a monthly fee to use the system and that’s it.


In return, we provide you with:

  • Access to the system located in the Oracle Cloud data center , anytime, anywhere
  • Turnkey solution
  • No investment in hardware and software infrastructure
  • Full technical support
  • Work training
  • User manual

Superior and reliable support from experts based on more than 25 years of experience.

The high level of service and products has resulted in a trusted collaboration with many successful companies.

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