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The automated system easily manages a full range of services related to day trips and prices per person with fixed content, itinerary and departure dates.

Purchase price lists

Define purchase prices for all services included in the excursion program – guides, tickets, meals, transfers, etc. Purchase price lists are the basis for calculating sales price lists and calculating costs.

Defining trips

Through simple steps, the system provides the option of creating a new trip and its content – departure dates, means of transport, place and time of embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, guide languages and descriptions and images for the website and sale of the trip. It is also possible to copy the contents of one trip to another.

Sales price lists –the calculation

Automated system provides a practical system for calculating sales price lists – quickly and easily form sales price lists from the purchase price lists of trips. Price calculation is formed according to parameters that you determine yourself – exchange rates, margins and commissions at points of sale. An overview is also available that provides an insight into the difference in prices between the estimated price and entry costs, i.e., profit or loss for each number of passengers.

Recording of sales margin

Defining of sales points, i.e., private persons or companies that have had your trips offered for sale. For each point of sale, a commission can be defined that is valid for all trips or for an individual trip, and the point of sale can be defined as your own or as an external associate.


Records of booking of accommodation in the system can be managed in several ways:

  • by input from your employee
  • directly from our web system
  • via the API system

When forming a booking, the system automatically generates sales amounts according to previously defined sales price lists and checks and updates the availability of capacity. In this way, an insight into all current bookings is available and their statuses can be monitored at any time, and in parallel, the status of capacities can be tracked and managed.
Data are also automatically prepared for the necessary realization of services from the bookings – vouchers are prepared, passengers are added to the transfer lists and manifests and recorded in the system for the preparation and realization of customer transport (dispatching).
This system enables daily insight into the number of guests on the trip and the combination and formation of orders for the transfer of passengers according to the criteria of the language of the guide or places of embarkation. At the time of creating the order, a list of places and times of embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and a list of excursion tickets with information about passengers is automatically created.
Orders formed in this way are practical documents according to which carriers can track when and where they have to pick up passengers, and they are also useful for guides in order to control the arrival of passengers at embarkation points.



Customer Documentation

Verification of all output documentation for the customer available in one place. The following documents can be automatically created at any time from the recorded bookings:

  • offer
  • contract
  • pro-forma invoice
  • confirmation / invoice for received advance
  • invoice

Before creating any of the mentioned documents, the language in which the contents of the document will be printed can be selected.

Realization of services from the booking

A comprehensive system for creating all the documentation needed to realize a product. Before the arrival of the guest at the destination, the system automatically generates all operational documents needed by the guest to be able to use the booked services without complications and delays – vouchers, passenger lists, manifests, records of transfer requests that are forwarded to the passenger transport system.
This system for the realization of passenger transport (dispatching) provides overview at any moment of the total number of passengers before departure and the analytical number of passengers per each point of sale and according to the language of the guide. With the help of this system, a passenger transport order can be easily formed and then forwarded to carriers and guides.

Billing at the point of sale

In addition to the simple display of all excursion tickets at the point of sale that are ready for billing and payment, the system also enables insight into tickets that have not yet been charged.
By selecting a point of sale, the calculation of all its tickets is automatically formed, and such a document serves as a record of tickets sold and is the basis for invoicing to external points of sale. The amounts in the calculation are formed according to the commission defined for the point of sale.

Finance and accounting

Continuous access to the records of all financial documents, advances and invoices is provided – they are prepared according to pre-defined schemes for posting to any financial accounting system you use.

Reports and statistics

The automated system provides the possibility of instant overview of data records on all physical and financial indicators of business.
Views include the number of passengers per trip, dates or periods, reviews of bookings and their amounts, total amounts of advances paid and invoices per partner, destination, trip, type of service and much more.
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