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Tailor made projects

Organization and realization of offers fully tailored to the wishes of the client for any form of tourist product or some other event. The result is an offer that is elaborated to the smallest detail and that can be constantly modified and adjusted according to the requirements of the customer. Organize private excursions, private tours and packages, and other events such as team building or weddings.
When creating an offer, different price lists are calculated, be it the total amount of the entire package or an analytical price list showing the price of each item according to classes and number of passengers. It is possible to create an unlimited number of offers for the same customer, and each offer is automatically archived.

Purchase price lists

Purchase price lists are the basis for calculation and calculation of costs and can be defined with the help of a new generation system for all services included in the travel program – from accommodation, guides and tickets to meals and transfers. Simply create prices by seasons, number of passengers or periods.

Defining a custom project

Simply create and update new unique custom projects and easily define their descriptions, event dates, how prices are displayed in the offer, the desired language and customer information. It is also possible to copy the contents of one custom project to another, for cases of offers for similar events.

Defining an offer

Define the content of the offer according to the client’s wishes depending on the accommodation services, all tourist and other services. Then create a sales price list that can be formatted in 3 ways:

  • according to the total amount of the entire package
  • according to the analytical price list showing the price of each item
  • according to classes and number of passengers

The price list can be seasonal, i.e., it can contain different prices depending on the periods.

A fully automated calculation mechanism enables easy creation of sales price lists in the offer from purchase price lists according to parameters that you determine yourself (exchange rate, margin, etc.).
The system creates an offer in the client’s language in the desired form (pdf or print) which includes a detailed display of content, prices and descriptions and is automatically sent to the client by mail.


Customer Documentation

Absolutely all the output documentation of the customer is available in one place and the automatic creation of the following documents can be started at any time from the recorded bookings:

  • offer
  • contract
  • pro-forma invoice
  • confirmation / invoice for received advance
  • invoice

Before creating any of the mentioned documents, the language in which the contents of the document will be printed can be selected.

Realization of services from the booking

A practical and automated system will create all the documentation needed to realize the product.
After the final agreement with the client, the event itself is implemented – all operational documents necessary for the guest to use the booked services without complications and delays are automatically formed from the system – vouchers and records of passenger transfer requests that are forwarded to the passenger transport system.
This system for the realization of passenger transport (dispatching) enables daily insight into the arrivals and departures of guests and the combination and formation of orders for the transfer of passengers which are forwarded to carriers and guides.

Finance and Accounting

At all times, you have constant access to the records of all financial documents, advances and invoices – they are prepared according to predefined schemes for posting to any financial accounting system you use.

Reports and statistics

The automated system provides the possibility of instant overview of data records on physical and financial indicators of business.
Views include reviews of the number of overnight stays, passengers and offers (realized and unrealized) and the total amounts of paid advances and bills. They also allow you to search by a whole range of conditions: by partner, package, period, by type of service, country of customer or by age, and much more.
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