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Tours and packages

Complete automated software system consists of simple management processes such as real-time monitoring of availability and price formation and the realization of the service, which greatly simplifies the whole process.
Through the system it is possible to realize incoming and outgoing packages and tours and is intended exclusively for the package services that include accommodation and have fixed content, fixed itinerary and fixed departure dates.

Purchase price lists

Purchase price lists are the basis for calculation and calculation of costs and can be defined with the help of a new generation system for all services included in the travel program – from accommodation, guides and tickets to meals and transfers. Simply formulate prices by seasons, number of passengers or periods.

Defining a tour and package

In just a few simple steps, add a new tour or package as well as departure dates, available capacity, accommodation, and descriptions and images for the website and sales.
Capacities can be determined separately for the means of transport and separately for the accommodation unit, and it is also possible to copy the contents of one package to another.

Sales price lists – calculation

Automated system provides a practical solution for calculating sales price lists from the purchase price lists of tours or packages, which enables even faster and easier price formation.
Price calculation is formed according to parameters that you determine yourself – exchange rates, margins or numbers person classes. An overview is also available that provides an insight into the difference in price between the estimated price and entry costs, i.e. the profit or loss per each number of passengers.
In addition to the prices of the basic package of services, sales prices include any additional services that the customer can choose, as well as mandatory surcharges and discounts that are automatically included in the booking.


Records in the system can be kept in several ways:

  • by input from your employee
  • directly from our web system
  • via the API system

In addition to the tour or package, the customer can order all other products from your offer that are not included in the price list of the package such as additional accommodation, additional trip and other services you offer.
When forming a booking, the system automatically generates sales amounts according to previously defined sales price lists and checks and updates the availability of the means of transport and accommodation units. In this way, you get an insight into all current bookings and it is possible to monitor their status at any time. At the same time, it is possible to monitor and manage the state of accommodation capacities in parallel, while the data necessary for the realization of services are automatically prepared, i.e. vouchers are created, passengers are added to rooming lists and recorded in the system for preparation and realization of transfers (dispatching).


Documentation for the customer

Absolutely all the output documentation of the customer is available in one place and the automatic creation of the following documents can be started at any time from the recorded bookings:

  • offer
  • contract
  • pro-forma invoice
  • confirmation / invoice for received advance
  • invoice

Before creating any of the mentioned documents, the language in which the contents of the document will be printed can be selected.

Realization of services from the booking

A practical system for creating all the documentation needed to realize a product. Before the arrival of the guest at the destination, the system automatically generates all operational documents needed by the guest to be able to use the booked services without complications and delays – vouchers, flight/transfer/rooming lists, records of transfer requests that are forwarded to the passenger transport system.
This system for the realization of passenger transport (dispatching) enables daily insight into the arrivals and departures of guests and the combination and formation of orders for the transfer of passengers which are then forwarded to the carriers.

Finance and accounting

Continuous access to the records of all financial documents, advances and invoices is provided – they are prepared according to predefined schemes for posting to any financial accounting system you use.

Reports and statistics

The automated system provides the possibility of instant insight into data records on all physical and financial indicators of business. This may be reports on:

  • the status of rented, occupied and available accommodation facilities (booking)
  • the number of overnight stays
  • number of passengers
  • number of bookings, the total amount of bookings and paid advances and invoices

Views include search according to a variety of conditions: by partner, hotel, period, by type of service, country of customers or by age and many other data.

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