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With automatic synchronization and the easy possibility of managing available transport, entering routes and forming prices, simplify and improve your business.

Purchase price lists

Purchase price lists are the basis for calculation and calculation of costs and with the help of a new generation system can be easily defined for all transfer services:

  • by route and vehicle type
  • by mileage and vehicle type

Prices can be seasonal, or may contain different prices depending on the periods.

Sales price lists – calculation

Simple system of calculation of sales prices according to the route and type of vehicle.


Sale of a transfer is recorded in the booking as a stand-alone item or as part of another tourist product (eg a trip or tour).
When forming a booking, the system automatically generates sales amounts according to previously defined transfer sales prices.
Each transfer item is immediately forwarded to the system for the preparation and realization of customer transport (dispatching).

Organization of passenger transport (dispatching)

The system for the realization of passenger transport (dispatching) on a daily basis provides a clear insight into the list of passengers/guests for whom the transport should be organized. A display of all transfer requests on the date for all passenger arrivals and departures is available.

Having an overview of the contents for each of the passengers, information is displayed on: route, flight number (if the transfer is from or to the airport), time of purchase and notes are displayed.
According to this view, it is possible to create a travel order by adding one or more passengers to the same means of transport.

The purpose of this system is to issue transfer orders which are then forwarded to drivers and contain all the necessary information about the place and time of pick-up of passengers, the number of passengers and destination.

Customer documentation

A complete record of all output documentation of an individual customer is available in one place. From the recorded bookings it is possible to start the automatic creation of the following documents at any time:

  • offer
  • contract
  • pro-forma invoice
  • confirmation / invoice for received advance
  • invoice

Before creating any of the mentioned documents, the language in which the contents of the document will be printed can be selected.

Finance and accounting

Continuous access to the records of all financial documents, advances and invoices is provided – they are prepared according to predefined schemes for posting to any financial accounting system you use.

Reports and statistics

A comprehensive automated system provides the possibility of instant overview of data records on physical and financial indicators of business.
Displays include views of the number of passengers by routes and dates, as well as reviews of bookings and their amounts, including the total amounts of paid advances and invoices. They also allow you to search by a whole range of conditions: by partner, period, route, area and region, by customer country or by age and many other data.
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